Sep 28 – 29, 2018
UTC timezone

Hotel in Frascati

Accommodation can be available for the delegates in Frascati at Hotel Cacciani. 

Reservations will be handled directly by the participants to the meetings. 

If you click on the link of the hotel listed below you will be turned directly to the right mail address for the reservation.




Price *(€) 


Price *(€) 



Town Centre

Tel: +39.06.9401991
Fax: +39.06.9420440
74,00 90,00

To help the participants ENEA  pre-reserved 10 rooms  at hotel Cacciani

Use the code "Italy - Poland  - ENEA meeting" to refer to the agreed pre-bookings when you contact the hotel to make your own reservation and do not forget to indicate your exact period of stay in your mail.     


Price per room per night including breakfast 
DAS - Double room single occupancy
D - Double Room