Sep 28 – 29, 2018
UTC timezone


Meetings Poland-Italy

Frascati 28-29 September 2018

Hotel Cacciani, Sala Antica Pergola 

Draft Agenda



Sala Antica Pergola

09.00 A. Pizzuto Welcome

09.15 P. Martin DTT Situation

10.00 Coffee Break (sala Rubino)

10.15 R. Zagorski IPPLM activities

10.55 V. Pericoli Liquid Li and Sn as DTT divertor targets, comparison of their effects on the heat loads and SOL properties

11.15 O. Tudisco FTU plans

11.35 P. Martin RFX plans

11.55 B. Esposito ITER Neutron Camera

12:25 A. Frattolillo DTT Cryoplant


12.55 Lunch Break (sala Cacciani)



Sala Antica Pergola

14.00 P. Innocente DTT Divertor simulatios

14.30 M. Valisa DTT Diagnostics

15.00 S. Villari DTT Neutronics

15.30 Coffee Break (sala Rubino)

15.45 I.Zychor: Gamma-ray diagnostics in tokamaks

16:05 R. Zagórski: Integrated Modelling for DTT tokamak with Liquid Metal Divertor Targets

16:20 M. Chernyshova: GEM detectors for Soft X-ray diagnostics in tokamaks

16:35 M.Kubkowska: Contribution of IPPLM to the DTT diagnostic systems

16:50 M.Rabiński: Cherenkov detectors for DTT

17:05 J.Poliński: WrUT experience in cryogenic systems

17:25 Ł.Ciupiński: FEM analyses and material studies for fusion devices


17.45 P. Martin – R. Zagorski Concluding Remarks

18.00 End of theSession

20.00 Social dinner (Sala Cacciani)



Sala Antica Pergola

09.00 F. Crisanti – R. Zagorski Open Table for main Cooperation points

10.15 Coffee Break (sala Rubino)

10.30 Closed Session for the Formal Agreement

12.00 R. Zagorski – A. Pizzuto Meeting Summary

12.30 End of theMeeting

13.00 Lunch (sala Cacciani)