24-25 September 2018
ENEA C.R: Frascati
UTC timezone


Meetings China-Italy

Frascati 24-25 September 2018

Draft Agenda



09.00 A. Pizzuto Welcome

09.15 R. Albanese DTT Situation

10.00 Coffee Break

10.15 J. Li CFETR Situation

11.00 A. Tuccillo FTU plans

11.20 P. Martin RFX plans

11.40 B.J. Xiao Ongoing Collaborations on EAST

12:10 J.X. Zheng Design of CFETR Magnets

12:40 Progress of Nb3Sn in WST


13.10 Lunch Break




14.15 A. Di Zenobio Superconductors for DTT and CFETR

15.00 Vincent Chan Status and Challenges of CFETR Physics Design

15.35 Guoyong Fu Gyrokinetic simulations of alpha particle-driven Alfvén modes in CFETR

16.10 Coffee Break

16.30 Fulvio Zonca Shear Alfvén fluctuation spectrum in divertor tokamak test facility plasmas

17.05 Matteo Falessi Transport models for DTT: a hierarchical approach

17.30 Nakia Carlevaro Bump-on-tail paradigm as reduced model for EP transport in Tokamaks: advantages and critical issues

17.55 VC,GF,WC,FZ Concluding Remarks

18.15 End of theSession






09.00 M.Y. Ye CFETR Divertor design

09.40 E. Visca Technologies for In-vessel components

10.20 Coffee Break

10.35 C. Qin On going ICRH collaboration on EAST

11.00 G. Granucci RF heatings for DTT

11.45 A. Frattolillo DTT Cryoplant

12.15 Binja – Pironti Control system for DTT and CFETR

13.00 Lunch Break



14.00 Discussion on the main possible collaboration items

15.00 Coffee Break

15.15 Closed Session for the Formal Agreement

17.30 J. Li – A. Pizzuto Meeting Summary

18.00 End of theMeeting